Fetal Cell Stain Kits

The Simmler Fetal Cell Stain Kits, product numbers S0412-00 (300 test) and S0412-100 (100 test), use a modification of the Kleihauer-Betke procedure to detect fetal cells in maternal blood. This slide process, performed at room temperature, eliminates all incubation periods used in other methods.

Reagents included in the kit are ready to use and provide complete staining in less than 20 minutes.

Simmler has added a secondary stain enhancing agent that promotes adequate fetal cell uptake while providing a very slight shading of the maternal cells. The contrast makes it easier to differentiate cells and to count fetal cells.

The S0412-00 Fetal Cell Stain Kit 300 test includes three bottles of each reagent, Fixing Solution, Buffer (eluting) Solution and the Fetal Cell Staining Solution. The S0412-100 Fetal Cell Stain Kit 100 test includes one bottle of each reagent.

Reagent bottles feature convenient flip-open spout caps. Each kit comes complete with detailed instructions, does not require refrigeration, and has a 15 (minimum) month expiration date.